Fashion: Club Tropicana Drinks Are Free (Well In This Outfit They Will Be)

Balmy nights are one of my favourite things about being on holiday. Maybe it’s because in Ireland, no matter how warm it is during the day, come evening we’re moving the BBQ indoors or reluctantly lobbing on our jackets. “Well now my outfit’s ruined,” we say, a touch bitterly, “at this rate I might as well have only worn a coat and feckin’ shoes.”

Holidays of course, are a different kettle of fish altogther. There we are at 11pm—glowing and dewy, drinking margaritas and listening to the sound of palm tree fronds lightly blowing in the sea breeze, not a cardigan in sight.

1960s Retro Tropicana

This look was inspired by those balmy summer nights. The pink Sophia Webster platform sandals scream ‘holiday!’ while the cool simplicity of the shift dress keeps the kitschy accessories from looking cartoonish.

It conjures up images of a kohl-eyed Priscilla Presley at a Vegas pool party in the 1960s. She’s annoyed because Elvis hasn’t done the washing up (again!) so she has a face on her like she’s going to slap someone. Of course this only adds to her suntanned, backcombed fabulousness.


Belted shift dress: Topshop £55

Sequin pineapple bag: Accessorize £35

Shell earrings: BubuRuby; Etsy €7.22

Jewelled platforms: Sophia Webster £420

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  1. Fab-boosh!

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