I think deep down I’ve always wanted to be a fashion blogger. There I’ve said it.

Instagram has definitely spurred me on a bit. It’s the Irish person’s dream: a ‘Narcissistic Git’ get out of jail card. For some reason you can bang on about how great your outfit is, how nicely you’ve arranged your flowers, and people applaud you, they approve. This is very different from my days in school where if you showed even a tiny bit of pride in yourself you would be branded with the shameful crime of ‘loving yourself’.

An embarrassingly significant portion of my life is spent shopping online or poring over websites to see what celebrities and bloggers are wearing. And although it is most enjoyable, my problem with fashion is this: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH.

They’ll never stop. They’ll be making ‘nice things’ until kingdom come and you might as well get used to the fact you’re going to be broke and guilty for the rest of your life.

“Is that a new top?”

“No I have it ages! Just never worn it! It was on sale! Why are you being all suspicious? I shouldn’t have to justify myself to you! Jeez it’s like Big Brother around here. I’ve done nothing. NOTHING!”

“Christ, I was just about to say it’s very nice, I hadn’t seen it on you before.”

“Oh. Oh right. Sorry.”

I don’t want to be the only one broke so in this section of the site I’ll be tempting you, leading you astray with ‘best in the shops’ outfit ideas, my favourite style icons and a few of my own looks (providing I can find a nicer backdrop than my sitting room or the hedge outside my apartment block).