This section is a collection of articles on topics varying from my social anxiety in the hairdressers to dreaming I’m Denzel Washington to my stance on Shakespearean insults.

They’re funny, honest and me—no cool, clever words and ‘hip talk’ so I look good. Sure people can see right through that anyway and we all know what they’ll think: arse.  I don’t want anyone to think I’m an arse. It might not be a realistic expectation but no one wants anyone to think they’re an arse.

I know it’s a sad indictment of our times, but with the internet and the likes of Facebook and Buzzfeed and LINKS LINKS LINKS I understand our concentration is shot to feck. For this reason I like to keep my pieces short and snappy. I want you to read the full piece, not read half and then Google something like: ‘What is tennis elbow’.  Sure at that point I’ve lost you and by God you aren’t ever coming back.

I’ve been writing these pieces since 2010 and have chosen my favourite ones for The Cyndependent. There are lots so be sure to check out the archives. Oh, and follow Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest posts!